About Michael

Hi, I’m Michael!

I have experience wearing many hats, including: Team Lead, Software Engineer, Game Programmer, and Technical Artist with experience at a range of large, small and start-up companies. I thrive given multiple roles, responsibilities and projects, with a focus on graphics, programming and pipelines.

I am a life-long learner, and spend much of my free time taking online classes or researching new areas of realtime and 3D graphics technologies, machine learning and computer vision, and merging the traditional skills of drawing, painting and photography into computer graphics.

I Specialize In:

  • Art/Animation/Game Pipelines
  • Tool & Plugin Development
  • 3D Animation
  • Realtime Shaders
  • GLSL
  • Cg
  • CgFX
  • OpenGL
  • 3D Math
  • Unity 3D
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Maya
  • XSI
  • Automation
  • Agile
  • Git
  • SVN
  • Programming best practices