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Adobe not supporting Flash on Android and mobile devices.

It is always interesting to see how some of the larger companies move. In this article it shows that Adobe is not going to focus on supporting Flash for mobile devices. This was a hot topic between Apple and Adobe, with the iPhone not supporting Flash, but it looks like Adobe is deciding to agree.

With things like Googles Swiffy which converts SWF to HTML5, it is good to see Adobe is jumping onto that and not letting Google runaway with what is still (I believe) their proprietary format. While I have not spent a lot of time working with Flash, it is still interesting to think that HTML5 will be an exact replacement for it. I think when people suggest this, they are looking at the end product, rather then the tool that Flash is (a timeline, with various tweens, staging etc). HTML5 may be able to do everything that Flash does (in terms of visuals), but the tools to create the content is what made people adopt Flash over something else (like Java Applets, or Javascript and animated .gifs).

I think Flash will still be around in some form, maybe it will create HTML5 instead of swfs, or maybe it will generate something else… time will tell if something can fill that 2D content that is relatively fast to implement on the web, but I am sure both Adobe, Google, Apple (and Microsoft) will all be playing close attention.

I am sure by the iPhone 6 there will still be something else important that separates the mobile devices 😛

Michael Hubbard

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