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Book Review: Herb Schildt’s C++ Programming Cookbook

Cookbook books are interesting in that they often cover a wide range of topis in a short amount of time and space. Herb Schildt’s C++ Programming Cookbook, handles a number of topics including string handling, STL containers, I/O, formatting data, overloading operators like subscript, new and delete, the increment and decrement operators and the use of typeid for RTTI runtime type information. The book has some useful information, and is given in a clear and concise format, with code examples to help explain the details. The book has been structured to make finding things easy, and as is the case with most cookbooks, becomes useful as a reference for how to accomplish some task/functionality (as well as explainations of the steps and logic behind that approach).

This book is especially interesting for beginners, as it is carefully explained and gives thorough example code for a number of tasks. For more intermediate to advanced programmers there is likely a few tricks that are new or interesting too. I wouldn’t say the book is targetted at beginners, but they will likely be the ones that benefit the most from this type of book. It is not the kind of book you want to learn your first basic programming techinques from, but provides a good reference along the way.

Keep on cooking that code,
Michael Hubbard

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