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Book Review: Professional Refactoring in C#

I would recommend the book Professional Refactoring in C# & ASP.Net by Danijel Arsenovski for any developer interested in refactoring code. Arsenovski gives clear and documented refactoring improvements for a variety of common code structures, as well as some specific C# version 3.0 features. The book deals strongly with the concept of code “smells” which are the simple heuristics for finding and improving parts of code.

The code smells include finding and refactoring such things as dead code, overexposure, overburdened temporary variable, long methods, procedural design and many others. The book explores setting up a unit testing framework with NUnit to verify the same functionality after refactoring has taken place. This draws some parallels with the Foundations of Programming book I reviewed earlier on its approach to unit testing. While I do enjoy the appeal of a unit testing design and programming strategy it is a bit more difficult to apply to all aspects of game programming (such as player/object synchronization etc), as well as sometimes it can be an issue to test if you are dealing with a tool set that does not take the code directly (like the Unreal scripting).

This book would be useful for any intermediate to expert developers with an interest in C# as it will surely give you food for thought on how to improve your code (which I will see if I can apply to the XNA project (which I will be mentioning later).

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