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Unity current thoughts

An old colleague of mine recently asked what I thought of Unity, I gave him my answer, but thought I would share part of it in the blog too. For starters I would like to say I really like Unity, and think that it is moving in a great direction, but thought I would try […]

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Doom 3 id Tech 4 Game Engine Source Code Released

It is awesome to see the Doom 3 id Tech 4 Game Engine source code released and available at This does not include the Doom 3 assets, but is awesome to see all the code on GitHub. Looking at the source code, a few similarities show up with other engines.

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Choosing a Game Engine for a Project

So, you have a new project, lots of shiny new game engines abound, but which one to choose? Forget the marketing, forget the bells and whistles, forget the hype. Instead get down to the basics.