Coffee Break Hero 14 Day Sprint.

This is cool, a complete RPG in 14 days, with 24 hour live streaming a day, to raise money for Child’s Play Charity:

The live streams are at:

More info on the charity is here:

Looks like this is shaping up quickly. They are only a few days in, but it will be interesting to see the end results.

This is a great idea for charity, and if you are reading this I’m sure they would also appreciate any donations for their game.

I look forward to seeing their end results, and hope they raise a lot.

Best of luck guys,

Michael Hubbard

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Sept 7, 2011 they have $4,649.52, one week in, hopefully they can keep going strong, and raise a lot. Interesting to see Haxe as the programming language being used, I have never used it before, but sounds interesting. I liked how much time was spent on hats so far, and how many donations they were attracting for the Robocop, Minecraft Creeper and Starcraft 2 Baneling hat (that is smoking a pipe). Great idea to open up to the public to get donations while the work is being done.

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