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Full Indie (Game Dev Event)

In order to keep up with some of the game development stuff, I decided to attend Vancouver Game Indie community (Full Indie) demo night: It was interesting to see what Vancouver had in the way of indie developers, and looked like there was some good stuff. I suspect that a large percentage of the community was students, but it is always interesting to see what the professional indie developers are up to.

All of the games were interesting, but I especially liked Justin Smith’s No Brakes Valet, which is a flash game he created at a game jam, in which you attempt to park cars in different parking stalls, but occasionally there will be some with “no brakes” which makes the car crash into things. He also had a good quote about this: “if you are good at the game, it should be fun, if you are bad at it, it should be fun” (paraphrase). This is good advice for any game designer, and was especially true in his game when the cars banged into each other (without brakes) and caused the other cars to bounce around making a really enjoyable mess. Overall a good experience and look forward to seeing what else it out there (who knows, maybe I will get a chance to contribute something sometime in the future).

Michael Hubbard

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