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Full Indie Meetup

I went to another Full Indie meetup this one had a talk with Chris Stewart from Barking Dog studios and Andy Moore from Radial Games. The talk was good, quite a lot of people coming out, and a good motivator for going home and working on your own games.

I especially like some of the stuff that Chris had to say, it was along the lines of “fake it till you make it”, but in more graphic terms. From his experience, there can be a lot of stress in being a indie game dev, and a lot of the business aspects of the job can prove to be more challenging than expected, even for a developer that is used to a lot of hard challenges. He mentioned that nothing will “kill you”, and you just have to go out there and do it. The talk also contained some aspects of how to deal with people. People are the most difficult part of any company, and it is important to do your best to move everyone in the same direction. It is useful to group artists and developers together since they are the least likely to talk, and it is worthwhile in a small group that everyone has a lot of communication with each other, since there is often not someone around to manage all the important aspects.

Overall, I think that the talks were good, I did not stay too long as I had other plans, but look forward to more of these at some point.

Michael Hubbard

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