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Unity Vancouver Meetup

I went to the Unity Vancouver Meetup last night which was pretty fun, about 25-30 people attended (although I didn’t stay too late). It was interesting meeting some people that worked with Unity, and there were a couple students and indie teams that came out to the event:

I didn’t expect to see many/any of the big companies at something like this, but am curious to see what comes out of some of the bigger partnerships. EA signed a multi-year enterprise deal with Unity back in 2010 (google it), but I do not know of any big EA titles that actually used it (although I did work with a developer who’s Unity project was scrapped). Only one EA title “Tiger Woods PGA Golf Online”, is listed on Unity’s game list link I posted previously. Perhaps it is still too early to call, but it will be intersting to see what comes out of from the larger companies (and if you have to install a custom web plugin, you know that it is not 100% Unity).

I look forward to more meetups, and the best thing about something like this, is that it can be inspiring to hear about people pationately talking about game development. I will have to startup one of my projects again soon.

Until next time,
Michael Hubbard

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