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Welcome to Game Programmer Technical Artist Blog

Hello Blog Reader,

I am here to share my interests in game programming, art pipelines, shaders and technology. First a little introduction.

My name is Michael Hubbard and I have been a Game Programmer / Technical Artist for a couple of years now focusing on both game play aspects and the art pipeline. I began professional programming on the Allen Bradley PLC 5 and SLC 500s working on logic controls for a gold room security system. From that I decided to become a game programmer (cause if you are gonna work you might as well play too) and I had always loved games since I first placed my Dad’s old Atari 800 XL (with such classics as Lode Runner, Archon, River Raid and dozens more) as well racking up considerable play time in the arcade, NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Wii, Playstation, 2, 3, Xbox, 360, PC, Gameboy, DS, PSP and now the iPhone.

My first job in the game industry was working as a Art Engineer / Game Developer for Leap In Entertainment, and the product JustLeapIn it is worth checking out if I do say so myself.

Currently I am developing iPhone games at Hooler Studios and I will post the game links when Apple have finished their reviews.

Otherwise I plan on making this a blog about my own experiences and technical achievements (and sometimes the struggles), and hope that they will be of interest to anyone passing by.

Bye for now,

Michael Hubbard

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