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Game performance and optimization

The question of performance and what can benefit from additional work optimizing code (or art) is a very complex problem. To grossly oversimplify the questions of performance, it is worth looking at a few of the terms used to describe what involved in the actual measure of performance. Usually when talking with people about a […]

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UDK vs XNA: Part 2

Continuing on my testing of the Unreal Development Kit and XNA I focus a bit more on the development process between these two packages, this is focusing on tutorial and community strength and some asset pipeline use.

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UDK vs XNA: Part 1

In order to give this blog (and my own inane ramblings) some focus I will be looking at comparing the Unreal Development Kit vs XNA from someone in the professional industry, but coming at developing for both of these packages as a newb (my professional experience has mostly been in C/C++ and OpenGL and C# […]