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UDK vs XNA: Part 1

In order to give this blog (and my own inane ramblings) some focus I will be looking at comparing the Unreal Development Kit vs XNA from someone in the professional industry, but coming at developing for both of these packages as a newb (my professional experience has mostly been in C/C++ and OpenGL and C# […]

book review second life virtual worlds

Book Review: The Making of Second Life

Greetings (true believers :P), I thought I would include some book reviews of things I have been reading related to technical interests, I try and read a book a week, although sometimes they are more fluff then tech. Somewhere in-between is The Making of Second Life: Notes from the New World by Wagner James Au. […]

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Tortoise SVN Client Hooks

Hello, Been a while and a move (to warm Toronto from cold Vancouver) a new job, place to live, adventure etc. As a game programmer/ technical artist I have an interest in improving pipeline tasks and automating any repetitive tasks. Needless to say working on a computer a lot it sometimes takes a bit of […]

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Welcome to Game Programmer Technical Artist Blog

Hello Blog Reader, I am here to share my interests in game programming, art pipelines, shaders and technology. First a little introduction.